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Unique plots

In Salthamn there are some unique plots for sale for the customer who value individuality and breathtaking sunsets over the sea. 

Unexplored Coastal Area

Unique plots

In Salthamn there are some unique plots for sale for the customer who value individuality and breathtaking sunsets over the sea.


In harmony with nature

In the area, houses are built to be integrated with nature on the slopes above the cultivated valley. This forest is located on a southwest slope, with the magnificent sea below, which allows sea views from all residential areas with the fields as foreground. The sunsets just outside are beautiful. The many hours of sunshine and proximity to the sea provide a microclimate, extra favourable for cultivation.

The Factory becomes a place for crafts, inspirational design and interior design. Alternatively, hotel rooms will be built with the same theme as the rest of the concept. 

Can you save energy while living in a more contrasting and sensible home and be more aware of your needs? 

The “New House” is based on the need to be able to spend more time in your home. The architects have developed outdoor spaces, especially in connection with kitchen and bath areas for energy efficiency. The accommodation area is reduced and the interior and exterior rooms are given equal importance. The “new home” has no definitions as “living room”, “kitchen”, “bedroom”… The different features of the home have different tempered zones, depending on the activity of the room. It is another way to save energy while living in more contrast and more consciously. To simply, live closer. Necessary needs, sensibility, energy consumption and nature.

The homes also have developed products from local materials and designs, such as wool interiors, which also act as sound absorbers. The homes can also have widescreen windows, to enhance the u-value and diffuse light.

Salthamn no. 5

Villa Meltem

Vila Meltem is situated in Salthamn.
In the same way as the farmers lived and worked back in the days, Villa Meltem was built with the similar mindset. One example of this is a rooftop Yoga Studio, with a separate external staircase entrance, leading up from the outside for immediate access for guests.
The building has been divided into several zones, where the different house volumes can be heated separately depending on accurate functions and needs. The northernmost room, a volume build in stone and has a plastered facade and is, beside the sauna in the house, the warmest room in the house. The rest of the house is built mainly out of wood and glass. The Center of the house is dedicated to entertaining and social life with a double floor high ceiling, featuring the kitchen and a dining area.
Villa Meltem has well-developed outdoor areas and rooms that gives you the opportunity to enjoy, not only the days, but also the season in a more efficient and longer way. The living area on ground level is 92 sqm and the total construction area covers 200 sqm, roof covered outdoor areas included. Moveable wooden shields are constructed to break the wind on the ocean front of the house.
A walking path connects the outdoor areas between the house volumes, behind the specially designed glass walls that keep both heat and cold isolated. The shields from Lomakka also diffuse the light and makes it more soft. The wooden construction of the house is very much visible from the inside. This amplifies the feeling of living among the trees. The nature constitutes the garden around the house, with the ground covered in heather and between the pine trees you can see the glittering Baltic Sea.
Photography: Emma Jönsson Dysell

Second Phase Pillar House

Villa Lake/Streich

The second phase is under construction in the south forest at Salthamn. The forest consists mainly of pine, rowan and oxel. On the ground in the forest you will find blueberries, lingon, stone cloves and canterelles. In Spring, the forest is filled with hepatica and in summer you can find orchids. On the beach there are dew berries, wild boar and many beautiful flowers.

To simply, live closer. Necessary needs, sensibility, energy consumption and nature.

Photography: Emma Jönsson Dysell

Two Terrace Houses​

Villa Boo​

The local nature is unique with a fantastic variety of species. The nature and buildings should strengthen each other, aesthetically and functionally.

Villa Boo, just like Villa Bergman, has materials that endure and age beautifully, which is part of the sustainability concept for Salthamn. Limestone floors, wood and textiles from local designers.

Photography: Emma Jönsson Dysell

Two Terrace Houses

Villa Bergman

Villa Bergman is the second terrace house in Salthamn with developed outdoor spaces and with nature reaching right up to them and the house facade. 

Photography: Emma Jönsson Dysell

One of several houses

Villa C&L Salthamn

For the Salthamn area, two different building concepts has been developed. 

The Terrace Houses are built in an area with a steep slope and few trees around. The houses are built as a single level house that is distributed horizontally. Villa Boo and Villa Bergman are two examples of this concept.

The Pillar Houses  is in the southern part of Salthamn where there are high pine trees. The intention is to keep as many trees as possible. The trees are close to the houses and the nature continues to grow and spread out under the buildings.
The outdoor areas such as terraces are built and constructed as bridges, connecting one terrace or outdoor space with the other. The houses are built vertically and some features two levels. They are often built as several house volumes connected together, which allows additional house volumes later on.

Photography: Emma Jönsson Dysell