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Just south of the famous caves of Lummelunda is Salthamn. This is a place rich in history and during the second half of the 20th century, this was the place for a mink breeding farm. Today, the valley has transformed to a place for sustainable pleasure, food, event venues and organic gardens. With an ambition to make Salthamn a place for many to enjoy, the business and concept is constantly growing.

In the early 50s, Hjalmar Raymond purchased an already existing fox and mink farm in Salthamn, north of Visby. At his point, Hjalmar Raymond already has a mink farm on the mainland since back in the 30s after spending over 20 years living in the United States,.Working as a trapper and a gold planner, he brings his experience in fur trade back to Sweden.

The farm at Salthamn is later inherited by his son Ray Raymond and the Gotland Pälsdjusrgård grows into one of Europe’s largest farms. During the 70s and 80s, the business peaks and has around 70,000 animals. As a result of this, the farm takes care of 3500 tons of waste each year from slaughterhouses and the fish industry. This becomes the final solution of Gotlands waste problems. As a result of this, large Investments are made by building warehouses and freezers to be able to handle all the waste which is turned into mink food. By this time, the company is one of Gotlands largest private employers.

During the 90’s recessions, the Country Administry Board establishes new rules and regulations regarding the amount of breeding female minks in the industry in general, which calls for major structural changes in the organization. During this time, not only the country administrative board, but political parties as well as animal activists starts questioning the fur industries whole existence. In 2002, legal decisions force the farm to cease with its operations and in 2005, a court order forces the farm to close permanently after 50 years. Ray Raymond dies the same year.

Today, Jacqueline Raymond, the daughter of the late Ray Raymond, is managing the area of Salthamn. During the past decade, the area has been renovated and refined with lush gardens, newly refurbished houses for rentals, a growing event and conference business as well as a summer restaurant and several unique custom-made private dining opportunities. Salthamn opens for both long- and short-term visits.

Jacqueline Raymond is not only the owner and founder of Salthamn. She is also a chef, sommelier and former owner of the legendary Hamburger Börs in Stockholm, one of Sweden most famous entertainment and Restaurant establishments. She has now returned to her roots and childhood home to create something new. From small scale catering assignments and dinner parties, the business has grown each year and can now host hundreds of guests. The fertile grounds have provided the gardens with an organic wild pantry out of which the menus and concepts are set. The aim is to build a sustainable and conscious place with something for all visitors to enjoy, and it’s still only in the beginning.

Current Operations

Today, Salthamn is open all year around for conference, event and dinners in various venues around the area. Everything from a lavish wedding reception or a board meeting in the extraordinary 1970s luxury style Villa Salthamn, or exclusive dinners or wine tasting in the private dining room of The Sea Villa, to large scale events in the old Factory with its industrial raw touch.

Vision, The Wild

The valley of Salthamn has the best conditions for growing all types of plants and vegetables thanks to its southwest position towards the sea and the limestone that can stock and capture warmth. The valley is rich in various greens such as ramson wild garlic, rose nips, juniper, elderflower and much more. By growing more of existing species, we can achieve a much richer pantry to harvest from. By constantly learning about the local climate and the conditions of crops and their ability to grow together, we can get strong and nutritious greens.

A long term development

Salthamn will develop further with a greater picture, with a conscious mindset for people, businesses and living. Salthamn aims to be as self-sufficient as possible in many areas. The architecture is in line and integrated with the nature of Salthamn and houses are build and constructed in a way that keeps consumption of energy limited. New technologies and old known crafts are combined to make sure architecture and nature can co-exist.


Jacqueline Raymond

Entrepreneur Jacqueline Raymond has recently returned to her roots to plan the Salthamn area. Her goal is to build a sustainable place with cultivation and gardens for people to come and enjoy or live in the middle of it. 

With a background as a chef and sommelier, and also one of the co-owners of The  Legendary Establishment of Hamburger Börs in Stockholm, she has brought her wide and broad experience in hospitality and cuisine art back to Salthamn. At Salthamn she now hosts custom-made dinners in Villa Salthamn or her private home dining room, as well as she continuously develops new concepts in various areas.

In the summer of 2022, a seasonal summer restaurant opened in the Salthamn Factory. The Restaurant is opened for lunch and dinner from the end of June until mid-August. At the end of 2022, it was recognized with an article in the prestigious Forbes Magazine as “The Next Place To Eat”In 2023, the restaurant will open again, focusing on sustainable and locally produced products.